Now, more than ever, we are up against the biggest environmental threats that our planet has faced and now is the time to make changes. After all, the future generations deserve to enjoy the beautiful world we live in today.

We all have a responsibility to protect the environment and reduce our damage, so here is how we do our bit.

From start to finish, we are conscious of the environment and aim to be sustainable and keep waste to a minimum. We choose organic materials whenever we can and work with products that can be recycled, so we’ll never send out your order in plastic packaging because even our mailing bags are recyclable!

All orders are neatly folded and wrapped in recyclable luxury tissue paper and placed in a luxury recyclable box. 


Reforestation partner of One Tree Plantedwhy trees?


Starting May 2021, we have partnered up with One Tree Planted, an amazing non-profit organisation that focuses on global reforestation. With each purchase you make, we donate $1 to plant a new tree, which helps reduce harmful carbon from the atmosphere, creates jobs and protects habitats for biodiversity. They have planted 15 million new trees all over the world in 2020 so let's help them make an even bigger impact this year!


One dollar, one tree. One Tree Planted

We don’t claim to be perfect, so if you have any suggestions where we can improve, email us on info@vercei.com we are all ears.