Three people wearing black and white Vercei t-shirts with script logo going up the side

We believe that fashion brands need to be more inclusive when it comes to labelling sections on their website or in-stores. It is imperative that clothing brands cater to all genders and let people decide what styles they want to wear themselves. Not only can it make some people uncomfortable when shopping, they might just like a different style. Launching a unisex collection is a step in the right direction, but we feel there is more work to do to normalise no labels in the industry.

Clothes may be made with specific genders in mind but are essentially available to anyone who wants to wear them, so we wonder the reason for labelling sections with “Menswear” and “Womenswear”.

Have you ever walked into a store and let yourself just be drawn to whatever clothes looks good or do you just go straight to the designated section (Men's or Women's)?

Do you ever look over at the other side and wish they had that same design in your designated section? 

Vercei was created to bring equality to the fashion & streetwear industry, providing great quality, sustainable clothes with no labels. 

All our clothes are vetted and tested by multiple body types so that we can create an inclusive brand that fits everyone well. 

We all have different tastes when it comes to clothes and you might like clothes that are designated for a different gender than what you identify with so it can sometimes feel uncomfortable. We want to take away the stigma of shopping for clothes you like in the ‘opposite’ section and normalise genderless clothing within the industry one t-shirt at a time.

Is the world ready for this? Maybe not, but if we all work together we can achieve anything.

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