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2020 is a year that will go down in history with COVID-19 bringing the world to its knees. Where there comes economic struggle, there comes opportunity and so there lies the birth of Vercei. 

We wanted to create an affordable brand that makes each customer feel special and gives them a luxurious shopping experience without breaking the bank. 

From the excellent quality clothes, to the luxury recyclable packaging, we want our customers to feel the 5-star experience throughout their Vercei journey.

The brand is 100% unisex, ensuring that anyone regardless of gender feels comfortable shopping in a section that is made with them in mind. 

We noticed that streetwear brands were creating the best designs for men, often being exclusively menswear brands, which is why we decided it’s time for a change!

For example, why should people looking for a women’s fit have to automatically be designated a crop top or a completely different design to garments in the men's section? 

Here at Vercei, we believe that everyone deserves to have the same designs, the same styles and the same luxury experience, no matter your gender, race or economic situation.

Because we’re all equal.

Here is what the name Vercei means…

VERSATILE - Vercei clothes are made to be worn across all genders. The clothes fit all body types well and customer service are always on hand to help any shoppers who don’t know what size they are. The t-shirts can be worn for all occasions and can also be turned into the rolled sleeve casual look.

EQUALITY- At Vercei, equality, inclusiveness and diversity are top priority. From the manufacturers to the models, we treat everyone with the same respect and with fairness. We want to represent different genders, ethnicities and sexualities across our website and social channels. 

REVOLUTION - It is time to revolt and stop conforming to what society thinks you should be wearing. Streetwear apparel is for everyone so join the revolution! #FashionEquality #DesignsForAll

COMFORTABLE - If it isn’t soft and comfortable it isn’t Vercei. We test all products to ensure that the garments are 5 star quality and feel just as comfortable as they look. They are designed to feel good, look good and allow you to feel comfortable in your own skin.

ECO-FRIENDLY - From start to finish, we are conscious of the environment, so we design the user experience with this in mind. Products are not sent in plastic wrapping, they are in fact neatly folded and wrapped in recyclable tissue paper and placed in luxury recyclable packaging (don’t take our word for it, check out our Pinterest).

INTEGRITY - Last but by no means least, integrity is ingrained in our culture at Vercei. Transparency, honesty and regular communication with our customers is important. We seek feedback from customers to always improve and launch products that our followers want to see. 

Essentially, Vercei provides luxury unisex streetwear at affordable prices...because we’re all equal.

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